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My Birthday Wishes

It’s May and officially my birthday month. Yippee!!!

Every birthday and Christmas my family and friends ask the inevitable question “What do you want?” and usually I say I don’t know, promise to get back to them and then completely forget.

This year I decided to be different… I started this post at the end of February so I would know exactly what I wanted for my birthday this year.

Lots of bonbon balloons

Okay… I’ll settle for just one balloon. Maybe clear with rainbow confetti in the middle. Or green. That is my favourite colour. Did I mention that I LOVE balloons. I would be so happy to see a room filled with these (maybe after the lottery win!)

Confetti and Colour Balloons by Bonbon Balloons

Stars Shoulder Bag from Oliver Bonas

During the January sales I was hunting for a new bag and found a lovely one in Accessorize with 50%. It wasn’t my perfect bag, but that’s okay, because usually what I think of in my head doesn’t exist in real life shops. Except on this occassion it does. This is the bag I imagined in my head and it’s only £39. If no one else buys it for me I’m buying it for myself!

Stars Shoulder Bag from Oliver Bonas

Saved by Cake: Over 80 ways to bake yourself happy

I have been a Marian Keyes fan for a long long time and it was so sad to hear about her struggle with depression over the past couple of years (having been there and back myself in the past) but every cloud has a silver lining and this book looks amazing! If I don’t get it for my birthday I will buy it anyway and drift off into baking bliss!

Saved by Cake by Marian Keyes

Wonder Woman Apron

If I’m going to be baking cakes I want to do it in style (well kind of!) By the time I’ve finished baking a cake I’m usually covered from head to toe in one ingredient or another, and I keep meaning to buy myself an apron. But I’ve not found anything I’ve loved until now… and it’s only £10.99 from Forbidden Planet.

Wonder Woman - Apron With Frill: Whoom! - from Forbidden Planet heart shoe clips

I love these so much, they’re $25 and have a pair of shoes they would look amazing with. I would have them by now if it wasn’t for that pesky shipping cost ($41!!!) If there was some fairy godmother who could fly over to the states and bring them back without charge I would be the happiest girl alive! heart shoe clips $25

Matilda the Musical 

Matilda is my favourite book in the world. And I so would like to see the musical as everyone is saying the most wonderful things about it. Also I haven’t been to London in an absolute age so it would be the perfect excuse to see all my lovely friends down there who might be thinking I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. Unfortunately as we’re a little bit skint at the moment owing to me upping sticks and starting my own business I might have to wait a bit longer for this birthday wish…

RSC Matilda the Musical Tim Minchen

Happy Being English Day

While the Irish, Welsh and Scots might be very good at the whole patriotic thing, when it comes to St George’s day we seem to fall short. Let’s face it, all I’m doing is writing a blog post because it kind of snuck up on me. St George’s Day is nothing compared to the hoopla that surrounds St Patrick’s day. Next year I promise I’ll do something about it and get us all patriotic, drinking beer, eating fish and chips and painting the town red and white!!!

This year I’ll just imagine what I might have been wearing should I have actually planned my patriotism in advance!

First thing I came across on my hunt were these lovely Miami Beach Peeptoe sandals from Office – which at £28 I might just have to have anyway!

Red Miami beach peeptoe sandal from Office

Then I found this gorgeous dress in Oasis, red and white enough to make St George proud. Noemi Stripe Dress by Yumi at Oasis – £40.

Noemi Red & White Stripe Dress by Yumi at Oasis

And to finish it off I spotted this interesting White Lava Rock Beaded Necklace from UK seller The Wellington Boot on Etsy. It’s only £10.19 – what a bargain!

White Lava Rock Beaded Necklace - 'Wilma Flintstone' from The Wellington Boot on Etsy

Fabulous Fairtrade

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and this years campaign is Take A Step. What better way to take a step than incorporate Fairtrade into your wedding? I have some ideas of how you can get started…

Take A Step for Fairtrade Fortnight 2012

Wearing Fairtrade

You can wear Fairtrade and look amazing! Tammam are leading the way with a couture collection and bespoke dresses too. They have a very clear and detailed ethical policy so you can be sure that your dress is fairtrade. My favourite dress is the Lilly (below), but if you want something unique they can make a bespoke dress to your design.

Ethical Fairtrade Wedding Dress (Lilly) by Tammam

Ethical Fairtrade Wedding Dress (Lilly) by Tammam

And if you want fabulous shoes to match then check out Fashion Conscience who have environmental and ethical policies about all the lines they stock. I love these Beyond Skin sandals (which just happen to be on sale!)

Beyond Skin Silver Poppy Heel Sandals from Fashion Conscience (£110.80)

Beyond Skin Silver Poppy Heel Sandals from Fashion Conscience (£110.80)

Fairtrade Cakes

It seems the easiest way to get a Fairtrade cake is to find a cake maker you like and ask them to use fairtrade products e.g. sugar, dried fruit, cocoa and chocolate. If you want to make your cake yourself then you can find a list of fairtrade products and who stocks them on the Fairtrade website.

If you want to find a company who is committed to using fairtrade, free range and local ingredients you could start by looking at the cakes directory on the Natural Wedding Company.

Fairtrade Cake by Mrs Gatenby's Bakery (found via The Natural Wedding Company)

Fairtrade Cake by Mrs Gatenby's Bakery (found via The Natural Wedding Company)

Fairtrade Flowers

Back in 2007 Ethical Weddings did a Fairtrade Fortnight Wedding Challenge, but they struggled to find options for flowers. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have improved in five years, with only one or two local florists in the UK offering fairtrade options for bridal bouquets (if you have any links to fairtrade florists please let me know so I can update this post)

Just because you can’t get fresh fairtrade flowers for your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t get a fairtrade bouquet. There are plenty of alternative options, and I’ve set myself a little challenge. Over the next week I’ll make a fairtrade paper flower bouquet and at the end of the week I’ll put it up for sale and the profits will go to the Fairtrade Innovation Fund.

Fairtrade Wrapping Paper from Traidcraft

Fairtrade Wrapping Paper from Traidcraft

Yesterday I started by hunting out materials. I popped into town to our local tradecraft shop in Durham and picked up some fabulous paper (above). I then spent ages hunting out fairtrade buttons, there are some gorgeous Injabulo buttons available, but they didn’t fit with the paper, so I ended up finding some handmade brass beads from Ghana.

The results will be up next Wednesday… but I’ll pop some pictures on Facebook & Twitter to give you a behind the scenes look at my progress!

Do you have any Fairtrade wedding ideas to share? Leave your comments below… 

Something for the weekend

Every week I read lots of blogs so I thought I’d round up the best bits that I’ve been tweeting during the week…

Brit Morin (@brit) tweeted that she was selling her amazing Monique Lhullier wedding dress featured on Green Wedding Shoes back in November – tweet her if you’re interested!

Brit in her wedding dress (via Green Wedding Shoes)

If you’re a bride on a budget Belle Amour blogged about wedding dresses from the amazing Kitty & Dulcie. Gorgeous designs all under £400. I’m totally in love with Bobbi Dazzler

Bobbi Dazzler on the Kitty & Dulcie Blog

On Glamour & Grace there was a wonderfully colourful bright blue and green wedding

A Bright Blue and Green Florida Wedding (via Glamour & Grace)

And last, but most definitely not least, Upper Street launched a competition to win an invitation for you and three friends to attend their 2nd Birthday Party and have a private shoes party to design your very own pair of shoes! Find out how to enter on their blog.

Upper Street ballet flats






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