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Exciting New Arrivals!

It’s been a busy Bank Holiday Monday… but very exciting to add a couple of new arrivals to my Etsy shop!

First up I finally created the Doctor Who Bouquet I’d been dreaming up in my head. It contains 11 flowers (one for each Doctor) and I had so much fun designing paper to represent each of them.

Doctor Who Paper Origami Bouquet by Bright by Design on Etsy

I also finished the gorgeous Strawberry Dream bouquet that I made with some gorgeous paper I’d bought from Paperchase a while ago and some cute little strawberry buttons.

Strawberry Dream Bouquet by Bright by Design on Etsy

For more photos and if you’d like to buy either bouquet head over to Bright by Design on Etsy now!

Exciting times ahead!

After the Starry Eyed post last week I wanted to tell you a bit more about the exciting things coming up with the blog move.

First things first though! Drum roll! (you need to imagine me standing by a ribbon with a big pair of scissors for this bit…)

The Bright by Design Etsy shop

Paper Origami Flower Teacup Centrepiece by Bright by Design on Etsy

Woohoooooooo!!! It’s all set up ready for you to contact me about bespoke flowers and bouquets for every type of wedding, event and occasion. There’s a couple of stock bouquets there too if you’re in a rush. Over the next few weeks there’s some exciting and inventive bouquets coming, as well as party accessories, photobooth props and invitations. Of course I’ll let you know on this blog (and Twitter & Facebook) when new things are in stock so you can take a peek for yourself!

More exciting news… and a bit of an experiment! 

As I mentioned before there’s going to be party themes… and if you head on over to Bright by Design on Pinterest you can find out what the first four weeks blogs are going to be filled with! From the 14th May a new board will be added each week!

Bright by Design on Pinterest

Now for the experiment bit! I’ve noticed on Pinterest boards that you can add contributors, and that’s just what I’d like to do! If you have a Pinterest account (or sign up for one) you can contribute to Bright by Design Pinterest boards, help them to grow, discover new stuff and something you pin might just end up in a blog during the theme week!

To get involved email me with:

1. Your Pinterest username

2. If you’d like to be added as a contributor to ALL boards or just specific ones (e.g. let me know if you’d only like to be added as a contributor to the HOLLYWOOD board)

And I’ll add you as a contributor asap! Once you’re set up pin away, and we’ll see what happens!!!

Fabulous Fairtrade

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and this years campaign is Take A Step. What better way to take a step than incorporate Fairtrade into your wedding? I have some ideas of how you can get started…

Take A Step for Fairtrade Fortnight 2012

Wearing Fairtrade

You can wear Fairtrade and look amazing! Tammam are leading the way with a couture collection and bespoke dresses too. They have a very clear and detailed ethical policy so you can be sure that your dress is fairtrade. My favourite dress is the Lilly (below), but if you want something unique they can make a bespoke dress to your design.

Ethical Fairtrade Wedding Dress (Lilly) by Tammam

Ethical Fairtrade Wedding Dress (Lilly) by Tammam

And if you want fabulous shoes to match then check out Fashion Conscience who have environmental and ethical policies about all the lines they stock. I love these Beyond Skin sandals (which just happen to be on sale!)

Beyond Skin Silver Poppy Heel Sandals from Fashion Conscience (£110.80)

Beyond Skin Silver Poppy Heel Sandals from Fashion Conscience (£110.80)

Fairtrade Cakes

It seems the easiest way to get a Fairtrade cake is to find a cake maker you like and ask them to use fairtrade products e.g. sugar, dried fruit, cocoa and chocolate. If you want to make your cake yourself then you can find a list of fairtrade products and who stocks them on the Fairtrade website.

If you want to find a company who is committed to using fairtrade, free range and local ingredients you could start by looking at the cakes directory on the Natural Wedding Company.

Fairtrade Cake by Mrs Gatenby's Bakery (found via The Natural Wedding Company)

Fairtrade Cake by Mrs Gatenby's Bakery (found via The Natural Wedding Company)

Fairtrade Flowers

Back in 2007 Ethical Weddings did a Fairtrade Fortnight Wedding Challenge, but they struggled to find options for flowers. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have improved in five years, with only one or two local florists in the UK offering fairtrade options for bridal bouquets (if you have any links to fairtrade florists please let me know so I can update this post)

Just because you can’t get fresh fairtrade flowers for your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t get a fairtrade bouquet. There are plenty of alternative options, and I’ve set myself a little challenge. Over the next week I’ll make a fairtrade paper flower bouquet and at the end of the week I’ll put it up for sale and the profits will go to the Fairtrade Innovation Fund.

Fairtrade Wrapping Paper from Traidcraft

Fairtrade Wrapping Paper from Traidcraft

Yesterday I started by hunting out materials. I popped into town to our local tradecraft shop in Durham and picked up some fabulous paper (above). I then spent ages hunting out fairtrade buttons, there are some gorgeous Injabulo buttons available, but they didn’t fit with the paper, so I ended up finding some handmade brass beads from Ghana.

The results will be up next Wednesday… but I’ll pop some pictures on Facebook & Twitter to give you a behind the scenes look at my progress!

Do you have any Fairtrade wedding ideas to share? Leave your comments below… 

Enchanted Wood… the bouquet!

Two posts in one day! I must be keen…

I didn’t want to take over the usual wedding blogging-ness, so I thought I’d just pop in a little extra post to show off my latest bouquet.

The bouquet was inspired by some gorgeous paper I bought from Craftz Boutique – it made me think of fairies and other mischievous things that live in woods…  I’m really please with how it’s turned out. You know how you sometimes imagine things in your head, and they never end up looking like that in real life – well for once something has!

Although I love this bouquet I’ve decided to sell it (I haven’t been doing this long and our house already looks like an origami forest!) and it’s on sale for £67.50 (25% off full price) – You can buy it here

I’m really enjoying making the flowers. I’ve got lots of ideas to bring to life and I’m starting to work out my next design inspired by my favourite book. In the meantime I should have photos from a couple of commissions in a week or two! It’s all very exciting!

See more pictures of the Enchanted Wood Bouquet on the Bright by Design website

Roll up, Roll up…

I’m very very excited because today I am officially launching Bright by Design! I’m making beautiful and unique origami flowers to order and you can find out all the details on my brand spanking new website

Because every order is unique I’ve been busy discovering supplies in every imaginable colour, so I can try and match any theme or occasion. As well as wedding bouquets, I can also provide flowers for events or to brighten up your home. I’m getting a dab hand at hunting down materials to make the perfect flowers that matches every imaginable requirement!

I’m also working on some other ideas beyond bouquets, centrepieces and button holes. I’m going to experiment with place names as I think they’d look fab at a wedding or event!

My current project is a bouquet made out of some beautiful paper I found at the Craftz Boutique. I’ll post the finished pictures in the gallery next week, but for now here’s my work in progress…

Hand embroidering individual petals

Beautiful paper to make a beautiful bouquet

I’m also putting together a DIY section for those of you that fancy giving it a go yourselves – I’m working on the basic flower instructions now, so they’ll be up by the end of next week. And after that I’ll be putting up the instructions for a hand-tied bouquet. If you have a go yourself then do send me some pictures and I can put them in a DIY gallery!

If need a bit of help to get started making origami flowers, I’m planning to run some workshops in the North East (accompanied by a cuppa and cake of course!) If you’re interested fill out the form on the events page and I’ll get back to you when I have organised some dates.

So roll on up, and please do tell your friends… I’m ready and raring to make some beautiful bouquets! Place your order now at

My flowery secret

Since New Year I’ve been working away on a little project. It started when I fell in love with a bouquet of paper origami flowers by Posh Studios on a Style Me Pretty post. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, or visiting the post and the etsy shop to look at them. I was a little bit obsessed and a lot in love.

So I thought I’d have a go at making them myself. I decided to hunt around the web for origami instructions and I was surprised by the first results. So I decided to make myself a bouquet…

Paper Flowers - Bright by Design

…and along the way I learned that double sided sticky tape is an amazing invention, that you need to check the gauge of floral wire before you buy it and that there is a use for the kebab skewers that were living in our cutlery drawer!

As a kid I was always making things from anything I could find (and always got blamed whenever the scissors went missing!!!) Every year I made entries for as many categories as possible for the children’s tent at our village fair. Painting, crafts, flower arranging and baking. You name it, I did it. My parents never pushed me, in fact during the week before the fair they probably wished they could escape, as the house became a mess of epic proportions. I always did it because I enjoyed it, but winning prizes was a nice bonus. I even won a trophy one year!

I love art and my obsession with design has continued throughout my life. But after university I did less and less, as I worked more and more. It’s only the past year or so I’ve really got back into it all and I’m so much happier for it. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something, especially when it’s for someone else and they love it too.

Paper Flowers - Bright by Design

Anyway – back to the flowers! As a result of my experiments I ended up with flowers I loved. I posted a few photos on Facebook as I was going along and my friends loved them too. I’d finally made something that I was really proud of and that was good enough to make for other people.

So I’ve decided to sell them. I’ve even completed my first commission for my other halves Mam! A lovely little white bouquet.

Paper Flowers - Bright by Design

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be putting a website together and launching Bright by Design. Then over the next few months I’m going to work on a DIY section. I know not everyone wants to buy a bouquet, and like me would love to make their own. So I’ll have a section where I share my secrets (or rather the most successful results of my experiments).

Paper Flowers - Bright by Design

I hope to get the first version of the website up in the next week, but if you can’t wait then and want to find out more, or place an order email me.

I’ll keep you updated via this blog, but not at the expense of any fabulous, colourful, glittery and crafty wedding goodness, I promise!

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