To top it all off…

This blog was inspired by a cake topper (or in their case ‘cheese topper’) I saw on Rock my Wedding at the beginning of last week. When I can’t get something out of my head I know that means I have to share it! It’s made by – unfortunately their website seems to be down at the moment, but when it’s back up go and have a look because there’s a whole gallery of wonderful examples of their personalised toppers.

Cake Topper from via Rock My Wedding

With this wonderful creation setting the bar I went off to see what else I could find that would make me go ‘Wow!’

Potato Love Couple Wedding Cake Topper from Garden4Arts (Etsy)

This one made me smile (I’m a big Toy Story fan!) but so did lots of other toppers from Garden4Arts. They might be based in the States, but a little bit of extra postage is worth it for these brilliant creations. I’m a little bit in love with their Giraffe topper too!

Giraffe Love Couple Wedding Cake Topper from Garden4Arts (Etsy)

Lego Bride & Groom cake topper by Angelina Cupcake

If you love Lego (and let’s face it, most of us do) then perhaps that’s the way to go? You can even do it yourself! You can buy the bride and groom figures online (I found them on get yourself some basic lego and build your own masterpiece. Might make for an afternoon of fun in amongst all the wedding stress!

Our Wedding: The Cupcakes via Head vs Heart

There’s a lot of wedding cupcakes going around, and cupcake toppers are all over the place. If you are a dab hand with Photoshop (or know someone who is) you can make cute cupcake flags to fit with your theme/colour scheme and they can look pretty awesome. Head vs Heart used a zig zag punch to get the shape, places like Hobbycraft have a huge selection of punches in lots of different shapes. Or you can make little flags instead…

Fabric cupcake flag toppers by A Spoonful of Sugar on

If designing something on the computer fills you with dread then fabric cupcake toppers are a fun alternative. There’s even a tutorial on!

Do you have any ideas for fun and unique cake toppers? What do you think of the ideas above? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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