Why DIY?

DIY and weddings are something that go hand in hand. Constructing your own marquee might be going a bit too far (then again if you have the skills, why not?!), but most parts of a wedding you, or friends and family, can DIY. I have been to lots of weddings with bit of DIY – invites, cakes, decorations… even the most gorgeous DIY wedding dress made by the brides mother. There are no limits to what you can do yourself. But why do it in the first place?

DIY compliment bunting on How About Orange

1. Because you enjoy it

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when you set out on a big DIY project. Making one invitation might be fun, but if the idea of making another doesn’t sound quite as much fun, imagine how you’d feel after 50 or 100. The DIY elements of your wedding should be things you enjoy doing, so that by the time you get crafting fatigue you have the strength and confidence in your abilities to persevere.

Even better, if some of you’re best friends love crafting too, why not invite them round for a girly day of DIY so they can help. That way you will definitely have fun while you’re doing it!

DIY Hand Stamped Watercolor Save the Dates by Antiquaria Vintage

2. Budget

DIY might be a way to afford a wedding that you couldn’t otherwise. It might also be a way of saving money in one area of the wedding so you can splurge on something spectacular you really want. Don’t forget to work out how much your crafting is going to cost. Crafting isn’t always cheaper. A few trips to Hobbycraft could end up being more expensive than you think.

Of course  it does provide the fun challenge of hunting out supplies on the cheap. Start with charity shops and eBay. What about friends and family? Where do they work? Can you get discounts or even something for free? Tell people what you’re doing (without giving away too many wedding surprises!) and you never know what wonderful ideas and supplies you could end up with!

DIY Paper Flowers on Santa Barbara Wedding

3. Because friends and family are pros

You might know of friends and family that can DIY some of your wedding day – as mentioned in my blog yesterday – why not ask them to help out as a wedding present to you. Most people would be delighted to be able to play an important part in your wedding day. Bakers, dress makers, photographers… who do you know that could help?

Before you go full steam ahead with this approach, do make sure you like their style and that their results are good enough. Read this blog on Rock n’ Roll bride as a cautionary tale.

Here are a few of my favourite wedding DIY projects…

DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle Table Numbers by Bayside Bride

Chalkboard Wine Bottle Table Numbers – As well as being a great alternative or addition to the guest book, these are sure to provide lots of fun for your guests while they wait for their food

DIY Guestbook Hearts via Style Me Pretty

Guestbook Hearts – Another alternative to the guestbook, and afterwards you can display them in your home in a frame, or even create some kind of garland or curtain of ribbons with the hearts. And as it provides some post-wedding crafting too, it will help stave off full on DIY withdrawal!

Time for Tea Soap by Cucumbersome

Time for Tea Soap – Step away from the sugared almonds! There are all sorts of wonderful approaches to wedding favours, and they are all at the end of a quick Google. I love tea so this idea is right up my street!

There are lots of fabulous DIY projects out there perfect for your wedding. I’ll keep hunting, posting and I might even try a few myself and report back… watch this space!

Are you doing DIY for your wedding? Do you have any suggestions or ideas to share? Are there any DIY projects you’d like me to blog about? Leave your comments below! 

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  1. There are some awesome suggestions here – I love the idea of the paper flowers, guarantees that they’ll be exactly the right colour! And the guestbook hearts are great as well. Definitely bookmarking this page! :) Do you have any suggestions for DIY church decorations?

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